March- April 2021

Two weeks of work that took place between a studio at the “Atelier des artistes en exil” and “Les Relais Pantin”. The goal of those two weeks was to work on the dancing scenes with the choreographers Cleve Nitoumbi, Tounkara Soumaila and Suzanne Degennaro.

6-18 June 2021

Two weeks of residency at the “Abbey aux Dames” where we started working on the text and the dramaturge. Plus, starting the research on the scenography and the visual part of the show.

13-17 September 2021

A week of rehearsals at “La Pratique Vatan” to revise the work done on the past periods of work and set the tech cues with the team to prepare ourselves for the tech residency happening later at La Briqueterie.

28 September –
12 October 2021

During two weeks of residency at “Chateau de Goutelas” we were able to rework and finish the first version of the text in both English and French, build our vision of the scenography, rework the dramaturgy and make the first version of the show that we presented to the public as a work in progress on the 8th of October, the reaction of the public was very positive and heartwarming.

3-7 January 2022

One week of tech rehearsals coproduced by “La Briqueterie”, during this week the focus was on the visual part of the show and colliding elements of scenography, lights and costumes together to have a complete picture of the final result of our performance.

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