Is an autobiographical solo performance by an immigrant artist who is trying to fully accept and understand his transition from one society that he never felt integrated in as an individual, yet pointed at by the new society as his own definition, expects him to behave and act in a certain way based on the presumptions of his background and puts him in a box that created by the prejudgments that were built between these two cultures over the years.

“Who are you? What identify you?”

The departure point

It’s a personal piece reflecting on the differences between cultures and backgrounds of the same person which will be highlighted by the usage of the elements of the Egyptian cabaret “dancing, singing and comedy” as art therapy and an attempt to fully accept the different aspects combined in that same person.

Usually, these aspects make any minority in this modern times feels like a second-degree citizen in some parts of the world, nevertheless, if these aspects are all put together in the same person “muslim, arab, black, queer and immigrant” Those five aspects of the character will be pushed to their most cliche form around the theme of searching for identity through storytelling, theatre, dark humour and dance to test the ability to survive/adapting oneself and others in a world filled with divisions and judgements.

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